Kaiser – the strategy for success on the market!

Kaiser is a global manufacturer of men's and boys' outerwear. Our product range consists primarily of trousers, sports coats, jackets, overcoats and suits. Kaiser runs production in affiliated companies in the Far East and in Eastern Europe.

Kaiser exclusively supplies large customers in the trade and mail order sectors, as well as vertical suppliers, meeting the specific requirements of companies ranging from discount houses to department stores up to store chains.

Borne up by the basic idea that "If it's possible, we'll do it!", Kaiser fulfills its customers' requirements with regard to design, quality, time, logistics and finally, finance as well. Kaiser's price-performance ratio is exceptionally good.

In contrast to other vendors, Kaiser inspects and takes responsibility for the entire process chain. Customers find competent, market-oriented help with design, product development, planning, sourcing, production, and logistics, right up to inventory management on the sales floor. This is what makes Kaiser distinctly different from importers, manipulators or agents.

Kaiser minimizes its customers' risks. Thus Kaiser is a guarantee of success. Suit your success.